Shahara's Local Authorities Merit NFDHR for Its Efforts in Helping the Effected Families in the District

The local authorities of Shahara district, Amran, gave merit to the National Foundation for Development and Humanitarian Response (NFDHR) for its leading role in implementing emergency provision of food project, which targets 17822 IDPs and effected by war households and provide them with food baskets. The project is funded by World Food Program (WFP) and implemented in Amran and Al Jawf governorates, targeting 3393 households in Shahara district, Amran on monthly basis.
Mr. Yahya Attifa, Shahara's leader and the head of the district council, gave credit to NFDHR's efficiency in implanting the project, which improved directly and greatly the households' livelihood. He also praised the field team's work and how careful they were in reaching every targeted households, how smooth and organized the distribution process was through the previous months. Furthermore, he declared giving certificate of merit to every member of the field team to show how grateful the local authorities are to their tremendous efforts.
From his side, Deputy Director Mr. Ali Yahya, expressed the gratitude of NFDHR and its staff to the huge cooperation the field teams had with the local authorities of Shahara led by Mr. Yahay Attifa through the project's implementation period, and how Mr. Attifa made it his job to ensure that the field teams' needs are provided and facilitated, which made the distribution process a lot more easier. Mr. Ali Yahya also expressed his trust that both sides will work with more collaboration in the future. He also confirmed that NFDHR will enlist Shahara in its future plans to implement more projects in the fields of humanitarian response and/or development.
Deputy Director gave the leader of Shahara district a certificate of merit for his constant cooperation with NFDHR and its field teams.